Sunshine Foundation

Pause for Positivity: The Power of a Dream

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm

Each month, Sunshine Dream alumnus and inspirational speaker, Marco Pasqua will host an episode with a friend of Sunshine ranging from comedians, musicians, alumni, to happiness doctors and more.

Our next 30-minute webisode will be on Wednesday, August 26th from 12 pm-12:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Inspirational speaker and Sunshine alumnus, Marco Pasqua will take us through a moving discussion about the impact that Sunshine Dreams have had on our alumni, including himself. Hear from Sunshine Dreamer Jalee about how her dream transformed her confidence and who she has since become, and see clips from dream recipients on how they've been staying positive.

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About Sunshine

As an organization that exists to promote and facilitate positivity, we understand the effect this pandemic has on kids’ mental and physical health. Our dreamers are already at a higher risk than most for anxiety, depression and isolation at the best of times. So we won’t let them down. We’re rallying together and spreading Sunshine to make dreams possible.

About your host, Marco Pasqua

Marco Pasqua is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Accessibility Consultant and Inspirational Speaker with Cerebral Palsy. Throughout his life, Marco has been involved with a number of organizations as a spokesperson, helping to spread advocacy for persons with disabilities across Canada. As an Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant, he has worked with some of BC's biggest change-driven business leaders who are champions for more accessible, inclusive workplaces. It's through these experiences that he is helping to pave the way for all Canadians to have universal access to the programs, services and places that they live, work and play.