A Custom Wheelchair Helps Chilliwack Teen Explore Trails

Sixteen-year-old Chenoa and her family love to hike. They can be found exploring the local hiking trails a couple times each week, yet for the past two years, Chenoa has been left behind.

Living with a severe type of spina bifida and other serious medical conditions, she uses a wheelchair to navigate the world. As she grew, she became too heavy to take along and her wheelchair could no longer navigate dirt trails. It has been her greatest desire to once again join her family on their adventures. Thanks to the support of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada and our donors, Chenoa is now beaming with joy and excitement with a new GRIT freedom all-terrain chair that helps her join in all the fun and exercise.

Her mom, Nicole shares a note on the impact the dream has recently had: “Chenoa is so excited to be able to hit the trails with her friends and to be able to participate in more outdoor activities with school and family. Those of us who walk often don’t realize that life is filled with inaccessible moments for others and the pain of isolation this can cause. Thank you to everyone who has helped Chenoa the ability to join in more outdoor activities with ease and independence.