Albert's Tricycle Dream

Albert is an eleven-year old from Markham, ON who finds joy in life from being active. While his level of activity is modified because he lives with cerebral palsy, his mom, Yvonne describes that he is happiest when he goes on outdoor adventures with his family and takes part in different sports like swimming to keep his body moving.

 Albert requested a tricycle for his Sunshine Dream while taking part in group physiotherapy activities. “Most of the things in the gym”, his mom explains, “he wasn’t able to do. But the tricycle was something he really loved! Since then, we tried to find a way we could find one for him. In addition to swimming, riding a bike is one sport that gives him freedom and helps him develop a strong core.”

In early January, Albert’s red and black tricycle arrived at his house. He can’t wait for warm, sunny days to ride around his neighbourhood. “With this tricycle, he can go further in the daytime and explore more things. He can be more involved outside which will help improve his physical and mental health. This is another way we can involve him in a fun family activity,” mom describes.

 “What’s next for Albert?” We asked his family. “For the tricycle, the goal is to practice sitting straight, balancing on the pedals and developing a strong trunk. Then, he can ride totally by himself. We hope this gives him confidence to explore more sports in the future.” 

Thank you to all of our Sunshine supporters for helping make Albert's dream come true

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