From a 5K to a triatholon: James' Dream Update

Five years ago you helped this feisty 8-year-old boy run the 5k marathon of his dreams. Today, at 14, he’s training for a triathlon.

When James was eight years old he had two passions: running and Star Wars. 

So, when he found out about a 5k Star Wars-themed race at Disneyland in California, he decided he had to get there. 

It never entered his mind that having cerebral palsy could hold him back from this or any other dream. But international travel can be a challenge for families raising kids with special needs. So James’s parents turned to Sunshine – and you – for help. 

“That race was everything to James,” says his mom, Paula. “He learned he could do anything he set his mind to. He came home with so much confidence.”

Read about his dream experience here:
May The Course Be With You

After his dream, James took up cross-country skiing as well. Today, at 14, he’s won medals for both running and skiing at provincial student athletic events, and has taken up both biking and swimming so he can one day do a triathlon.

Next on his list? The Paralympic Games – where he plans to compete in both summer and winter events!

“That trip was still one of the best things that ever happened to our family,” says Paula. We’re grateful to this day. Thank you so much.”