Sunshine Foundation

Hommage d'anniversaire pour Sunshine

Mercredi 6 juin 2018

For her 36th birthday, Elmira selflessly asked her friends and family for donations to Sunshine in lieu of birthday gifts.
Read our interview below to learn about why she made this decision, and how it affected Elmira and those around her.

ElmiraTell us about yourself?

I am originally from Kazakhstan and my background is Russian. In 2000, right after I finished high school, I came to Canada and enrolled in university. Currently, I am the Director of Marketing for Constellation HomeBuilder Systems in Toronto. In my spare time I love to practice yoga, take care of my plants and cook.

What prompted you to ask for Tribute gifts for this birthday?

I always wanted to do something for a children’s charity, and thought that my 36th birthday was the perfect reason to raise some money. I began by researching children’s charities online and stumbled upon The Sunshine Foundation of Canada. I really liked what Sunshine stood for, and liked the unique efforts they were making in helping grant dreams of children who deserve it most. I found the experience to be both emotional and touching.

What feedback did you receive from your family and friends?

The feedback was extremely positive right away. My colleagues, family and friends were supportive and let me know they loved what I was doing. They also believe Sunshine is a great cause, and were interested in ‘stealing’ the idea of asking for charitable donations in lieu of birthday grifts.

How did it make you feel to do this for Sunshine?

It felt amazing to be able to do this for Sunshine! It became a personal goal for myself to try to raise as much as possible. As the donations came in, I started to imagine how they would help the foundation make dreams come true. I was thinking about the children smiling during their dream come true.

I believe it is important to give back to the world, but especially to kids because they deserve it the most. I would definitely encourage others to give back. I believe everyone in Canada should be doing something for their community. I hope I am setting a good example by sharing my birthday story with those around me.


Coming soon!
This Summer 2018, Sunshine will be launching a website to help our friends and supporters create different ways to fundraise:
From Birthday tributes like Emira’s to athletic fundraisers and events in the workplace.