Gaming Room Connects Carter to his Friends

It is the social connection that 13-year-old Carter from Prince George, B.C. gets from his cherished video games. His favourite way to spend time is by playing video games with his friends, playing Fortnite, Minecraft, NHL, and Star Wars. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, however, Carter hasn’t been able to see his friends as much as he used to.

“When school was online, he missed seeing his friends the most, because Carter is happiest when he is with them,” his mom shares. 

Carter lives with uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes, which requires him to constantly monitor his glucose levels, as sugar highs and lows contribute to lack of focus, difficulty controlling emotions, and dizziness.  His parents describe that his Sunshine Dream gave him something to look forward to and recognized the daily challenges of living with a life-threatening condition.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Sunshine was able to fulfill Carter’s request for his very own customized video game room last Fall. Having a space of his own to enjoy doing what he loves has offered him a sense of comfort and positivity through the pandemic, as he’s now been able to connect with his friends online and have fun during such an unpredictable and isolating year.

Carter is especially eager to have friends and family over to play video games in his new space now that social distancing restrictions have loosened.

“Everything went great! Carter loves it! Thank you so much! I wish I was better with words so that I could adequately express what this means to Carter! The fact that Sunshine recognizes that Type 1 diabetes is a relentless disease is humbling! You and everyone at Sunshine does amazing work! Be proud of yourself for the awesome work you do!”, shares Carter’s mom.

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