How does a child qualify to have his or her Sunshine Dream come true?

Sunshine DreamLifts are on pause until further notice.
To receive a Sunshine Dream, a child must:

- Have a severe physical disability or a life-threatening illness
- Be between the age of 7 to 18th birthday and have at least the cognitive ability of a seven-year-old
- Live in Canada
- Be able to formulate his or her dream (this must be the dream of the child) and communicate the dream with or without technical assistance
- Have not already received a dream or wish from a similar organization (however, the child may have participated on a Sunshine DreamLift

In addition, Sunshine reserves the right to refuse any dream request that is considered unsafe for the child, exceeds budget limitations or conflicts with the Foundation’s values. Dreams we are not able to grant include (but are not limited to):

- Trips to dangerous places
- Motor vehicles (including boats and all-terrain vehicles)
- Shopping sprees
- Medical equipment
- Trips to seek medical aid or to attend medical conferences
- Pools or spas
- Home renovations