Victoria's Dream - Made for Lovin' KISS

Victoria is a twenty-year-old from Saint John, NB who lives with a neurological developmental delay and low muscle development. She had recently developed a passion for KISS music (thanks to a Scooby Doo movie) and soon knew what her Sunshine Dream could be. 

Despite her sensitivity to crowds and loud noises, KISS gave her the courage to visit malls and local shops with her parents in search of memorabilia and the more she explored, the more talent she uncovered – falling in love with some amazing tribute bands like Mr. Speed.

Sunshine worked hard behind the scenes to find out if Mr. Speed would be able to meet with their young fan. In a letter to the band, Sunshine’s program team wrote: “Victoria's interest in KISS music led her to discover your band and although Victoria would not be able to attend a concert due to her sensitivity to loud noise and crowds, she would really love the opportunity to meet you all while you are wearing your full KISS make-up and stage outfits.”

In 24 years, this was the first time Mr. Speed would be playing in Canada and were headed to Toronto for a private show. They were honoured at the opportunity to make a dream come true. Their lead singer wrote, “I for one was choked up at the thought of someone thinking enough of us to want to meet us as their dream. It's really a powerful emotion when you stop to think about it. Being chosen to help to bring joy and hope to a young girl’s life by donning the costume and makeup of our heroes who have done so much for us as fans since we first saw and heard of them was a thrill.”

After their show was confirmed, the family drove across the East coast to meet the group one-on-one, stopping in at a few towns along the way in search of KISS souvenirs. On the day of their meeting, the band wrapped up their sound check and headed over to a private room to meet Victoria, her family, and a Sunshine volunteer.

“Once inside, Victoria began to glow and at times could not contain her excitement,” the band described, “Individually we all met her, took photos with her and we even included her in a promo clip for an upcoming show. There was lots of laughter, there were tears, there were hugs and there was hope.” The band even performed her favourite song acapella, “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” and left her family a surprise birthday video to play at her next birthday. 

Since Victoria’s return home, her world has opened up so much more – all thanks to rock and roll! Victoria continues to talk about her experience with anyone that will listen and keeps fond memories of her Sunshine dream experience posted on her bedroom walls. 

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