Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Fourteen-year-old Liam, and his twelve-year-old sister Kaitlyn were born with a rare genetic disorder that affects multiple body functions, including low vision. Both siblings dreamed of a new bedroom space that would reflect their passions and showcase their favourite treasures. They both couldn’t wait for their Sunshine Dream to come true but their family didn’t anticipate just how truly life-changing their dream would be!

Liam is a self-described “80’s Pop Culture nerd” who collects figurines and memorabilia from that bygone era. His favourite movies are Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, and Star Wars: Episode 4. Kaitlyn is a passionate doll collector who loves playing with Barbies and American Girl dolls more than anything. She sets up spaces and situations for her dolls—like a bedroom with bunk beds for sleepovers or an IT room where they can connect.

These Sunshine Dreams were delivered at just the right time. The anticipation generated something to hope and plan for during a year of uncertainty and disruption. Michelle also shares that Liam and Kaitlyn’s dream bedrooms have had more of an impact—which has lasted longer than any other dream they could have imagined.

Just ask their mom Michelle, who shares that prior to his dream bedroom reveal, Liam was struggling.

But now, she shares that “Liam has a bit more patience. He gets along better with his peers. He is advocating for himself more. He goes with his dad, Will, to the YMCA, something he didn’t do before. He seems more motivated to try new things. It’s easier to get him motivated for school. Now, he makes his bed every morning; he wants it to look like the first time he laid eyes on it because that moment made him so happy. He keeps his closet organized and picks out his own clothes—two other things he didn’t do before his dream came true. There’s been a marked improvement in his stress and anxiety. This has had a huge impact on our whole family. It’s the perfect place for Liam to unwind from the stresses of long school days and enjoy all his prized possessions!”

As for Kaitlyn, Michelle has noticed that she’s happier.

“She is still surprised and delighted with her very own Kaitlyn look-alike American Girl doll, her custom-made doll house, accessories and other things to make her room the ultimate doll paradise. As soon as she walks in, it makes her day! There’s been lingering magic for her. She feels special, far calmer and less stressed. She is so grateful for her dream bedroom! We are too!”

Thanks to Sunshine donors like you, Liam and Kaitlyn look forward to waking up each day to their personalized space and take great pride in making sure it stays as beautiful as the first day they got to see their new room. 

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