Tech gear helps Anna’s self-confidence

There is nothing that Anna from St. John’s Newfoundland enjoys more than spending time at home. When she isn't watching TV shows or listening to music, you can find her shopping online for porcelain dolls to add to her extensive collection. She is always surfing the web for things she loves.

In February 2021 Anna’s dream came true of a new computer and an iPhone 12 that would help her connect with her friends. She was excited to have new tech gear that helps her share her hobbies with the world and connect to others who share her interests, like her love for porcelain dolls.

Anna’s dream came at a perfect time during this challenging year. Her dream not only helped her connect to others but has also improved her morale and independence. Her mom shares, “It was the norm as soon as I came home for Anna to be calling ‘Mom, Mom, Mom!’ because she needed my help with something. But now it’s totally quiet, because she is so into figuring out all the features of her new phone and laptop by herself! Through discovering her own strengths and abilities, Anna has become more confident and independent. It’s amazing!”

She also shared that her dream has ignited her self-confidence. She is more optimistic that she can learn new things and is exploring the idea of taking college courses, something she didn’t think was possible for her future before experiencing her Sunshine Dream.

Within the challenging times of the pandemic, you have helped Anna find hope through the power of her Sunshine Dream.