Winnipeg Dream Recipient Gets Accessible Room Makeover

21-year-old Megan, from Winnipeg recently had her bedroom makeover dream come true with Sunshine and is now confident that one day she can live alone, on her own!

Megan lives with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and other medical conditions and had requested an inspirational space that met her needs. She shared that she was “ready for a new room!”

Sunshine worked with Megan to customize an ideal space which was decorated in purple and gold and featured inspirational characters from her favourite shows like Wicked and Star Wars, a wardrobe lift to access her clothes from her wheelchair, Smart speakers and lights, an adjustable laptop desk, and other furniture pieces.

During these hard times, the Sunshine Dream Program has delivered mental-health boosting dreams that can be safely fulfilled during a pandemic. A bedroom makeover like Megan’s brings positivity, inspiration, independence, and brightens her future outlook.

Thanks to the support of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada and our donors, Megan’s new customized space is a place that expresses her individuality. She now has her very own space to enjoy for years to come, which gives her tha confidence that one day she can live on her own, completely independently!